Community Kitchen: Pantry Cooking with The Franciscan Center

  • 05/31/18
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Community Kitchen: Pantry Cooking with the Franciscan Center

How do you make a great meal with what you already have in the pantry?  Join us for our first FREE cooking demo at the Franciscan Center’s community kitchen, and learn how!

As part of our Community Kitchen programming, we are partnering with the Franciscan Center of Baltimore to provide workshops on how to cook – using fresh produce and dry goods from the Franciscan Center’s community kitchen. Our goal is to teach families how to cook for themselves and make healthy, satisfying meals on a budget.

-Basic Cooking Techniques

-Health & Nutrition

-How to Improvise With Ingredients You Already Have

-How to Cook on a Budget

The Franciscan Center provides social services for community members, including food and clothing, emergency health services counseling and technology training to help clients become as self-sufficient as possible.

Our first workshop takes place: Monday, June 18th from 3-7pm @ the Franciscan Center of Baltimore | 101 W. 23 Street, Baltimore, MD 21218


School of Food

School of Food offers interactive and educational programming for cooking enthusiasts, food entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. As a Humanim Social Enterprise, we are passionate about growing Baltimore's local food economy through training, job creation and food business technical assistance.

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