Introducing Our 3-Part Basic Kitchen Skills Series

  • 06/05/18
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We’re excited to introduce our brand new Basic Kitchen Skills series! This three-part course equips students with a solid foundation to become a master home cook. Participants will learn essential cooking techniques, including making soups, stocks, and sauces as well as knife and butchery skills – while learning and preparing some classic dishes.

Fast-paced and interactive, our Basic Kitchen Skills series is perfect for both beginners as well as self-taught cooks who want to elevate their skill sets.


Week 1: Knife Skills

Once you got knife skills, you got life skills. Learn how to use the most important of chef tools and seriously transform your time in the kitchen. We cover the basics, from maintenance and form to the fundamental cuts you need to know. By the end of class, you’ll have chopped, minced and diced your way to next level kitchen skills that will last you for life.

Week  2: Butchery 101

Get to know your meat! Ironically, this fundamental kitchen skill is one not many folks possess in our industrialized yet meat-centric food culture. From the tools and techniques behind different cuts of meat, to proper cleaning and deboning procedures, we’ll take you through the basics of this age-old, top chef technical skill. You’ll leave class with some serious bragging rights plus an appreciation for all parts of the animal.

Week 3: Stocks, Soups, & Sauces

Consider this: stocks and sauces are what distinguish the home cooked from the restaurant meal – and they can make or break your dish. In fact, stocks and sauces form the base flavor component for many dishes, making it an essential kitchen skill, not to mention the hallmark of a great chef. Learn the fundamentals behind creating each type of classic stock, while preparing some classic soups – then master the “mother” sauces, from Tomato to Bechamel. By the end of class, you’ll have the skills to elevate the flavor profile of any dish you make!

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