Cocina Dominicana


Tiene Sabor?

If you love combining flavors and island ingredients (think yucca, plantains, fish), then you’ll love the modern day cuisine of this island nation. Borrowing from a rich cultural history, Dominican Republic food features a diverse array of techniques and flavors from the Spanish, indigenous Taino, African, and French. In this class you’ll learn about the culinary traditions that inspire the DR’s modern day mix of flavors, while you prepare a sweet and savory meal of epic proportions. As always our cooking classes are designed to be fun and interactive.

Class Menu

  • Mangu
  • Arroz Blanco
  • Habichuelas Guisadas
  • Pollo Guisado
  • Sancocho
  • Morir Sonando

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Cocina Dominicana

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