French Dinner for Two


This one’s for you, Julia

Join us for a French Dinner for Two in honor of Julia Childs’ birthday!

The perfect date night for two, couples will prepare a classic French 3-course meal – Julia style! – including chicken roulade, haricot vert a la crème fraiche, and a decadent pot de crème for dessert. From preparation to plating, this collaborative culinary experience will impart classic French cooking techniques, and dare we say – a bonding experience to keep that stove light lit, now and in the future. 😉

(8/24 SOLD OUT!!!)

Sign up for the followup class on the 31st!


Strawberry Basil Salad

Chicken Roulade

Whipped Potatoes

Haricot Vert a la Creme Fraiche



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French Dinner for Two

From: $55.00


  • Cooking together is a fun and memorable way to bond. Plus the food is great, even better instruction and tons of hands-on experience. I highly recommend School of Food.
    Kurt Sommer, Baltimore Integration Partnership