Ice Cream Making with Taharka Bros.


All About the Base



Up those summer culinary skills with our guest ice cream chef instructor and local fan favorite – Taharka Bros. Learn the techniques behind making your very own ice cream plus how to add your favorite flavor components (hint: it’s all about the base!). In this class, Taharka Bros. will share the story behind their own ice cream (and social enterprise) as well as take you through the process of making a classic Taharka ice cream base. After that, you’ll team up to tackle your own uniquely flavored ice cream bases, plus share the stories that inspired them. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Baltimore’s favorite ice cream maker!

Class Format

  • Introduction from Taharka Bros.
  • Demo: Create a classic Taharka Bros. ice cream base
  • Break into teams to create your own unique  ice cream bases
  • Choose toppings and freeze
  • Discussion
  • Serve and Enjoy!


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Ice Cream Making with Taharka Bros.

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